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• Please close the zipper completely before the washing process.

• Garments which are washed must be very quickly dried and can never be left wet. Zippers which are on a wet garment must be opened and closed after the garment is dried.

• During the washing process of a garment, the proportion of chemical raw materials use must be in appropriate ratio, and processing time must never exceed 30 minutes.

• It must not be forgotten that, garments with zippers must be washed in reverse position.
The stone wash process, during which pumice stone is used, the last washing stage must be done through, and the products must be dried immediately afterwards.

• On the cotton zippers which are already bleached, a second bleaching process can not be applied.
Reaction may occur on the tapes and teeth of the zippers and on the end products, which are stored under inappropriate storage conditions ( high humidity and high temperature and in airtight packing).

• If garments with zippers are press-ironed and puts inside a nylon bag before cooling down, a color reaction can be anticipated from the tapes.

• When a dark colored zipper is applied on a light colored fabric running of the dye may occur.

• On all coated metal zippers (antique, tin, nickel free etc.) any process, except washing must not be applied. We do not assume any responsibility for problems which may occur due to treatment involving chemicals.

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