• Kinderbekleidung

Because of its users this is determined as high risk industry. The issue of safety is playing crucial for Childrens Wear. For all industries quality and product safety are important, however when the issue become about Childrens than product safety and quality issues needs to become more sensitive.

There are many aspects of product safety issue for needs to be handled carefully


Color Fastness; Especially for Salvia 

Check the attachment to see the test report for different Color fastness or Roza Zipper product ITSPDF

Chemical contents of product

Check the attachment to see test result for Chemical content of Roza Zipper product ITSPDF

Physical strength of product

 Check the attachment to see the test report for Physical strenght of Roza Zipper product   Delrin3     Delrin5     Nylonr3    Nylon5    Torque

After than without sacrificing from these product safety concerns offering colorful and fashionable products to customers is the secret of Roza becoming successful in this industry 


To see the sellcetive pullers designed for this industry please click on Childrens Pullers

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