• Wash the zipper fully closed on the product.
  • Washed zippered product should be dried quickly and should not be left wet. The zipper on the wet product should be opened and closed after drying.
  • Auxiliary chemicals should be used at the appropriate rate during the washing of the zippered product and the processing time should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • It should not be forgotten that products with zippers should be washed backwards as much as possible.
  • In washing with pumice stone, the final washing of the zippered product should be done very well and should be dried immediately.
  • When zippers and manufactured goods are stored in unsuitable environments, it should not be overlooked that problems may arise in bands and teeth. (In packaging in an extremely humid, hot and air-tight way).
  • It should not be forgotten that a reaction may occur if the product is pressed with a steam iron after sewing the zipper, and if it is placed in plastic bags without cooling and stored for a long time.
  • It should not be forgotten that there may be a discoloration problem when dark colored zippers are sewn on open. All coating zippers should not be treated other than washing.

Zipper Use