The most leading features that out wear producers seeking in a zipper are durability, aesthetics and fissionability features of zipper. T/10 polyester, T/6 delrin and T/5 metal zipper are mostly used in this sector. Roza Zipper has succeeded in adding value to its customer’s products by maximizing durability and aesthetics of these zippers. Besides providing tape of various weaving and color, we are providing various alternatives to out wear sectors by customized pullers.

We are sure that we will meet the required reliance and satisfaction for your products with not making concession from our quality policy.

Key considerations in our products:

  • Appropriate color alternatives
  • Appropriate Type of Zipper alternative
  • Accurate weight
  • Aesthetic
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Safety
  • Innovative

You can see relevant test reports for outwear

Metal-3  |  Metal-5  |  Metal-9   |   Nylon-5   |  Delrin-5   |   Delrin-9

Mostly Used Type Zipper:

 T/10  T/5   T/6