The simle of act of getting dressed needs much stronger definition if this act is done for Women. 
The Key aspect of Women Wear is Aestetics,  
Variation on teeth plating, different sellective Puller alternatives are the aspects on choose of a zipper on women wear industry. Forcing limits of aestetics without sacrifice from quality is principal.

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Invisible (Conceal Zipper) is mostly used zipper for this industy. Beside the common Woven and Tulle tape ones Roza is capable to offer Num4 Invisible zippers for its customers who concerns the stronger invisible zipper. 

Num2 and Num3s Metal Zippers are special solution of Roza for this market, they are thinnest metal zippers in the market and favored by women wear producers.

Light Gold, Rose Gold, Shiny Gun Metal and Free nickel Shiny articles are those metalic colors also favored. 

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