All of our activities are designed by considering the requirements of society, customer, other sectors and international environment. Roza as a part of society has formed the required standards in its structure. Roza makes use of the opportunities of technology at the full extent in both production and management activities for building of a healthy and prosperous society. Our standards provide the base by which healthy relations arise among Roza, customer and society. The maximization of reciprocal (mutual) interests (or utility) among Roza, customer and society is the basic philosophy of our operating principles. Roza aimed to sustain this philosophy by continuously creating innovations, values and standards.

Roza with not making concession from its quality policy has aimed to produce appropriate solutions for the needs of market and sector by utilizing technology at the full extent. Today, the speed progress that has been arising in all fields causes some problems in classical mass production methods. Our production process and stages that are planned and implemented according to the needs of customers are dynamic. Our production system provides the production of goods that cover the requests and needs of customer with minimum cost, in time and in adequate amount.

All of our activities are planned in such a form that does not create negative externalities for customer, society and other sectors. Shortly all of our activities which are customer and society oriented are towards to the meeting of the requests and requirements of customers and society.

As long as there are quality consumers, ROZA will exist.