Our quality policy presents a managerial wholeness which stretches from the process of obtaining inputs to after-sale service activities. Our quality studies are carried to every department in Roza and to all fields of our workers tasks and responsibilities. Roza Zipper believes that the quality of a product depends on the quality of the process in which the product is made. Our quality policy which penetrates to every process of our production and management depends on following principles:

  • being customer oriented
  • continuously searching for quality development
  • continuously training
  • participated management
  • innovation and creativity

These principles which determine our quality policy become certain by our customer’s needs oriented production and our standards. At the first stage of our production process, customer’s needs are determined. In accordance the determined needs, appropriate product design and inputs are determined. In Roza, the raw materials, ingredients and services that have direct effect on the quality of products are bought from providers whose sufficiency is approved. The ingredients that do not meet our ROZA standards which are determined in accordance to TS11516, BS 3084, DIN 3419 and ASTM 2061 and the requirements of national and international standards are not transferred to production process. Registration results of inputs control tests are saved by which we measure and evaluate the sufficiency and performance of our input providers. The input providers that do not satisfy our standards are took out from our approved lists.

In production of zipper which consists of approximately 20-25 processes, as long as the required inspections and experiments or verification of the required reports are not made at every production process, the transition of products to the next stage is prevented. The control of every process is made by Quality and Production Department to determine weather the products are satisfying the standards. At the final quality control studies, the strength and reliance of the product is tested at laboratories. The registration that made in all these process are saved. One copy of the inspections and experiments result of our products can be mailed or faxed to customers who demand. Before the shipping of the products, the approval of the products by customer can be made. If customer demands, the products tests such as TS (Intertex), MTL, TNO, EKOTEKS, HOHEINSTEIN, İTÜ, KOSGEB are made in national and foreign laboratories. The report regarding these tests results are also saved.

The delivery of the orders is made on time with the help of our efficient, productive and dynamic production and management. Also, we provide every after-sale services about our products.

Being a result of our production and management process, our quality policy is taken under grantee by quality certificates. We are working with all our opportunities to develop and implement our quality policy…

Our Quality Policy